Mailbox Promotion

  • Mailbox rusting?
  • Peeling or fading letters/numbers?
  • Post needing a paint refresher?
  • Post needing a replacement?

If you have any of the above issues with your mailbox, it is time to act. August 14th through August 18th, Otto's Streetscape will be holding a special price week just for Sumerlin Trails. During this time, you can purchase all materials at a discounted price. Otto's will also be selling the post paint by the quart at a discount.

Mailboxes are to be black - Posts are to be Sherwin Williams, Sagebrush. You will need to have the formula to get the correct color, please see the attachment.

Thank you

Sumerlin Trails HOA

Mailbox post color - Sherwin Williams - Sagebrush. You will need to give the color combination that is attached below. If you ask for Sagebrush, it will not come out the correct color.

You will need to go to a Sherwin Williams that has commercial produced and filled by the gallon.

You may also contact Otto's Streetscape at (317) 886-4400 and they sell the paint by the quart.

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